Who Organized WaterRescueCon?

WaterRescueCon is brought to you by K38 LLC and the Rescue Water Craft Association Inc.; the cultural companies representing our international boating and water safety community. 

WaterRescueCon is hosted by the City of Morro Bay and its wonderful businesses and the Morro Bay Harbor Department since 2004.

What is WaterRescueCon

WaterRescueCon is a place where you help create the future in our water rescue culture.

Where is WaterRescueCon?

Veterans Memorial Building

209 Surf St, Morro Bay, CA 93442

I want to attend the Wake of Fame Awards

The Wake of Fame Awards will be held Saturday March 10th in the afternoon. There is no charge

to attend the WOF. The only requirement is your bring with you the 1970's.

Location is the same: Veterans Memorial Building 209 Surf St, Morro Bay, CA 93442


What kind of presentations can I expect?

WaterRescueCon is programmed to be unlike any other water rescue conference. We offer panels and conversations of the leading subject matter experts.  This is an interactive convention with modern tendencies, we are celebrating our water rescue culture.

Who are the attendees?

Water Rescue Specialists, general public attendees and historical characters who mapped out the history of Jet Skis.

WaterRescueCon Safety Reminders




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