International Awards program offering a variety of recognition platforms for both recreational and occupational representatives internationally.

The PWC ‘Wake of Fame’ Award is used to recognize the historical lineage of the development of the Personal Watercraft communities and participants. Derived from their design origins, creators, associate partners and competitors.  This is the pedigree of the PWC history in a chronological order of worthy recipients. 

Objective:  To recognize individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the personal water craft community through their activities, participation and advancement of the personal water craft (PWC).


The Wake of Fame awards are free to attend. They begin on Saturday March 7th at 4:00pm at the Veterans Building in Morro Bay, CA.


 1. Legacy Award Award for a commitment to Personal Water Craft - boating safety education across a large regional area that significantly reduces injuries or accidents and increases operational capabilities. This award is gifted in memory of Gary Hart of Jettrim for his vision and passion to preserve the history, legacies and sporting artifacts.

 2. Everyday Heroes Award gifted to recreational enthusiast or Rescue Water Craft Operator who perform a rescue with positive results.  This award is gifted in honor of Mr. Virgil Chambers, a true friend in water safety.

3. Heavy Water Award Award gifted to an occupational representative using a Rescue Water Craft that saves the life of another

4. Appreciation Award Award gifted to a K38 supporter who shows integrity and respect that deserves recognition for their efforts in helping us as an organization to better serve our boating safety communities.

5. Partnership Award Award gifted to an association, federation or sponsor who supports boating safety education

6. Distinguished Athlete Physically challenged athletes who move personal watercraft operations to its highest level (Wounded Warriors and Physically Challenged category)

7. Creative Impact Award Free riding and styling into the history books. For those who used expression, talent and incredible skills moving a PWC beyond its flat water traction and took it to the waves, to big air and entertained possibilities. (Freestyle, Free riding Category)

8. Lifetime Achievement Award In honor of Clayton Jacobson for his ongoing contribution as the designer of Personal Water Crafts.  This award is given to those individuals who paved the first generation in the 1970’s for their recognition of their lasting impression on this amazing boating community, 1970-1979 

(Also-Industry Lifetime Achievement Award)

9. Phoenix Award is an exclusive Water Safety Award, it is our highest designated rescue and response award for lifesaving and is not gifted annually but on the efforts of merit in a time of extreme crisis.


Wake of Fame Charter, Article III:  TTo recognize those who are and have contributed to the sport or safe professional standards of recreational and occupational water-rescue-boating safety via education, outreach and training supporting United States and World safety organizations with awards program recognizing outstanding efforts.