A curated convention brought to you by the minds and creators of rescue water craft safety and education. This is our cultural world fair for our future, our public need and for preservation of life, including our own.

WaterRescueCon is programmed for you to be a participant, it is like not like past conferences, it is a stand alone modern experience.

The prestigious international Wake of Fame awards are distributed at the WaterRescueCon.

1. Conference March 7-8

    1. Wake of Fame Awards

    2. Junior Rescue Rally

2. Technical Rally March 9

3. Stage 4 RWC Qualification course March 10-13

4. Private Instructor Evaluation March 14

WaterRescueCon is hosted by K38 LLC, training is conducted by qualified instructors. The Wake of Fame awards are held during the CON. 

Download the diretions 2019 WATERRESCUECON DIRECTIONS.pdf

Download the brochure 2019 WATERRESCUECON BROCHURE.pdf

Download the emergency contact list CON EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST.pdf